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Alison Taylor, proprietor of Saucery, wanted a website to reflect her personality, the ethos of her business and resonate with the industry in which she works. Having been in business since 1991, Alison has built up a very successful and well respected business. However the time was right for her to expand and seek new opportunities, and she felt that having a website was a crucial part of her marketing strategy that was currently missing.

Saucery Website Clients

Alison wanted to keep her own logo so as to tie in with her printed materials, but after that, she didn’t have any preconceptions about what the site may look like, or what it may say. We spent a long time with Alison, getting to know about her business and getting to know her as a person and a business owner. We wrote the copy based on these conversations.

As part of the process we tried to gauge what Alison did and didn’t like about various designs and styles. From there we went away, drafted something up we thought could work for her and were relieved, of course, when she really liked it!

So now you understand what she means by

“I am happy to say….. My website is just what I didn’t know I wanted!”

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