The Italian Property Gallery

By July 21, 2013Clients

Italian Property Gallery Website



The Italian Property Gallery already had a website but were seeking to move it to a different platform as theirs was no longer being supported. We rebuilt their site in WordPress, one of the most popular platforms globally, to provide longevity and scope for ongoing development.

In doing so, we added lots of new functionality for their website users and response from their clients has been very positive.

Much of the work involved transferring the property data and images across from their old site to the new one but the transition was relatively smooth.

They wrote their own copy, provided their logo and chose the colours for the site. We reviewed their written content and search engine optimised it for them where appropriate.

We spent quite a bit of training time with them so they could update their property information and images, and make simple changes to their site pages, themselves and we provide ongoing support for them as we do all our clients.