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Humber, Ford & Stoke Prior Parish Council

Parish Council Website Design

About the project

The Parish Council had a website that included a lot of really valuable Council and community information, but was very text heavy, with little in the way of visual design. The navigation bar had also become cluttered over time making it hard for users to access content easily and quickly.

The Group wanted a full rebuild using new colours and images to brighten up the site. We also spent a lot of time looking at and rationalising the content that had built up over the years, and making the navigation more user friendly both in the main navigation and in some sectional navigation settings.

We tweaked the logo, added in a blog so that the group can share both Council and community news, as well as embedding the Group’s really active Facebook feed on both the home page and in a sidebar across the pages.

On the planning page we added a dynamic RSS feed of current applications in the area straight from Herefordshire Council’s website. An email circulation form was added so community members can sign up for email updates from the Parish Council Clerk. And we also included a download link to the Group’s well circulated monthly magazine, The Pump.

The Group is also planning to add a calendar of community events.



Parish Council Website Design